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Welcome to the latest news, which is clearly that we have a sparkling new website in four different languages.

A very big thank you goes to Bodhi Samyo for many hours of dedication to bring this to fruition.

Thank you to Sabine Linscheidt for hours of dedication and service given with love. Also to Waltraud Haller for her support and assistance to Sabine and to Facial Harmony.

A big warm thank you to Christophe Luchsinger, Daggie Bock and Vera Urquhart for their fantastic translations and for the grace with which they have continued to offer their time and talents.

And a big thank you to Stefan Scheirner for assisting us to create our new search facilities and the coming practitioner facilities.


What a year we have had, the Sacred Heart Tour of 2006 was a great success, as you will see if you click on the Moonlight and Magic page. This year we offer this trip again with of course some exciting new additions. It was wonderful to have Bodhi Samyo here in the UK for several weeks assisting with the trip and many behind the scenes aspects of what you get to see and experience.

This year (2007) I have been invited to give Facial Harmony Balancing in Maui, which is very exciting.

One of our new trainers Dagmar Bock, has been very busy in 2006 and has given several FHB classes and has now completed her first Heart Connection class. It has been a privilege meeting her students and to see that Dagmar is embodying the work with depth and clarity. She is doing a great job. Well-done Daggie.

This year there will be a bi-monthly newsletter. This will be accessed via password for those of you who wish to read it. As we put the finishing touches to the website, this latest news page will advise people of what Facial Harmony is doing and our expansion into new places, information more for the general public. Over the coming months we will be developing the Practitioner area of our site which all practitioners will be able to access with their own password, this will provide information and insights for practitioners to use and share to develop their practices.

Thank you for the many presents you have given me throughout the year especially all the glorious Swiss Chocolates. The sweetest present is having the privilege of watching those of you who are finding that we live in an Ocean of Well Being. Living the truth of this reality we find that we move beyond the duality of dark and light. We rest in the heart of the non-dual. There we find there is only that which wishes to be born into the light of truth, love, compassion and forgiveness. Darkness is simply an idea in the mind and if followed all the way to the source you will discover that there lies at the core a luminosity, which bathes you in the bliss of peace.

2007 offers a big exciting year. After the challenges we all faced in 2006 with so many Saturn and Scorpion transits it is refreshing to have some new energy assisting us to open to the expansion of our hearts.

Please check back here regularly to find out what we are up to….

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